05 Dec '13, 4pm


Dan Croak January 25, 2013 ruby rails In our protocol guide , we instruct new developers to set up an existing Rails app like this: git clone [email protected]:organization/app.git cd app ./bin/setup The goal of the bin/setup script is quick, reliable, consistent setup. It is placed in the bin directory to match new Rails conventions about executables . Here's an example bin/setup : #!/bin/sh # Set up Rails app. Run this script immediately after cloning the codebase. # https://github.com/thoughtbot/guides/tree/master/protocol # Set up Ruby dependencies bundle install # Set up staging and production git remotes git remote add staging [email protected]:app-staging.git git remote add production [email protected]:app-production.git # Set up database bundle exec rake db:setup # Set up configurable environment variables for Foreman if [ ! -f .env ]; then echo "RACK_ENV=development" > .en...

Full article: http://robots.thoughtbot.com/bin-setup