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Redmine 2.4.1 maintenance release (REST API) - Redmine [blog-tech] - Bマイナー志向: Redmine 2.4.1 maintenance release (R..

Redmine 2.4.1 maintenance release (REST API) Added by Jean-Philippe Lang 14 days ago Redmine 2.4.1 fixes the errors that occur on non-GET requests when using the REST API with Redmine 2.4.0. If you're not using the REST API, upgrading to this new version is not needed. Unlike all previous releases, this one is not available on Rubyforge. You'll find it exclusively in the Download section.

Full article: http://www.redmine.org/news/86


ThemeWatersky - Redmine:

ThemeWatersky - Redmine:

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A Redmine theme based on Redmine Alternate theme. Author¶ Konstantin Zaitsev. Description¶ It is derivated from the altern...

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Returns a JSON string representing the model. Some configuration can be passed through options . The option ActiveModel::B...

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In specific cases, it would make sense to set the locale from client-supplied information, i.e. not from the URL. This inf...