20 Dec '13, 5pm

@r38y @saturnflyer Maybe check out for some ideas.

Pivots Josh Susser and Damon McCormick share their experiences scaling a Rails app with a Postgres backend. Learn optimization techniques and how Postgres differs from MySQL when tuning a Rails application.

Full article: http://pivotallabs.com/67-scaling-a-rails-app-with-postgres/


Running: there's an app for that. No, really - check out the new @RunCompetitor app RIGHT NOW.

Running: there's an app for that. No, really - ...

running.competitor.com 16 Dec '13, 11pm

Want a plethora of information about training, nutrition, injury prevention, recovery, shoes and gear right at your finger...

On Jasmine 2.0 and Add-Ons:

pivotallabs.com 18 Dec '13, 10pm

We started the work on 2.0 over a year ago. We had some ambitious goals and were able to carve out some dedicated time awa...