23 Dec '13, 10pm

#Redmine 2.5にMarkdown formattingキタ。 textileからMarkdownへの自動変換機能の提供計画は無し。でも全体設定での切り替えだから共存は無理だよな…プロジェクト単位に選べると嬉しいんだが。

The (well... my) world is moving towards Markdown for formatting text: GitHub, WordPress, LeanPub all support it natively. I have used a Markdown plugin with Redmine years ago (in the 1.x series), with limited success, perhaps partly due to the plugin not tracking Redmine releases. Now I'm on 2.3.x, about to move to 2.4.x. The contributors to our open source wiki's, forums, and issue trackers all use Textile and the conversion to get there was a bit painful at the time. I'd like to ask, nay beg on my knees, to consider adding Markdown as first-class citizen to Redmine. It would mean a substantial amount of content conversion for me, but in the long run I nevertheless consider this a no-brainer: Markdown has become the de-facto standard across a wide range of use-cases, and some sites add extra features to make it fit their specific needs even better. Markdown-with-divergin...

Full article: http://www.redmine.org/issues/15520


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