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“Vim Macros and You” #vim #greatread

Josh Clayton January 06, 2012 vim Ever get the urge to update a ton of files? I know I do. For example, I recently changed multiple hundred coffeescript files from the syntax of MyGreatClass = Backbone.Model.extend( defaults: awesome: true ) to class @MyGreatClass extends Backbone.Model defaults: awesome: true How long did it take me? A couple of minutes. Here's how. Ack (or Grep) I like ack . To find all the files I need to edit, I'd write something like this: ack '^[^\s].*\=.*\.extend\($' app/assets/javascripts -l This finds everything that doesn't start with a space, has an equals sign, and has .extend( at the end of the line. Opening a list of files in vim After looking over the results of ack and ensuring that everything that matched is what I want to edit, I'll open those files in vim. vim $(ack '^[^\s].*\=.*\.extend\($' app/assets/javascripts -l) Vim Macros If you'v...

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