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If you’re a VIM user, read this post:

thoughtbot is filled with vim and vigor December 19, 2008 rails ruby vim Slowly over the past year thoughtbot has turned from an all-TextMate (and one Emacs) group into a mostly-vim group. Here are some tips, tricks, and scripts we've mastered along the way: From Mike Burns I've been a vim user for six years, and brought the vim fever to thoughtbot. I tend to rely more on the built-in commands than on scripts and plugins. My favorite commands start with f and t (think first and 'till - see :help f or :help t ): Finding characters with f and t rocks. For example, if you're at the beginning of: {:foo => 1, :bar => 3, :baz => 8, :barney => -1} And you want to put a newline after the comma, you can do: f,a<ENTER> To jump to the next comma and repeat the prior action you can do: ;. This is because ; repeats the prior f or t , and . repeats the prior modification. If you have to...

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“Vim Macros and You” #vim #greatread

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Josh Clayton January 06, 2012 vim Ever get the urge to update a ton of files? I know I do. For example, I recently changed...

How To Edit An Existing Vim Macro:

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You've just written an awesome vim macro and stopped recording. However, when you try an run the macro you realize that yo...

Nice collection of Vim articles: #programming

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