27 Feb '14, 1am

Automated APK unpacking gem by @amanofwar @90skicks @rwiguna and @cktricky - Awesome work!

The APKUnpack tool is used to quickly decompile one or more APK applications essentially automating a simple but time consuming task. This tool requires that you have the APKTool and Dex2Jar applications on your machine.

Full article: http://rubygems.org/gems/apk_unpack


@altonbrown I now know your work habits.

@altonbrown I now know your work habits.

hackerspace.lifehacker.com 26 Feb '14, 8pm

Alton Brown's status as a "celebrity chef" and host has only grown since his show Good Eats first aired on Food Network. K...

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tomodachi 0.0.1 Automatic follow back tool with Twitter streaming API install gem install tomodachi Download Documentation...