17 Mar '14, 2am

"#376 JRuby Basics - RailsCasts":

JRuby is a polished and stable Ruby implementation. Here I show the basics of setting it up and executing Java from within Ruby. I also see how it compares with MRI at running threads.

Full article: http://railscasts.com/episodes/376-jruby-basics?language=...


Try Ruby: learn the basics of the Ruby language...

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JavaScript Not Detected TryRuby requires JavaScript to be enabled (it's an editor thing).


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We have an LDAP server we're attempting to reach over TLS. It's using a cert signed by our own internal CA. We'd like to c...

Back to Basics: Polymorphism and Ruby

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Back to Basics: Polymorphism and Ruby Britt Ballard March 14, 2014 ruby Polymorphism - the provision of a single interface...

Back to Basics: Polymorphism and Ruby

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Polymorphism is one of the fundamental features of object oriented programming, but what exactly does it mean? At its core...