29 Apr '14, 10am

uploadcare-ruby (1.0.5): Ruby wrapper for Uploadcare service API.

Ruby wrapper for Uploadcare service API. Full documentations on api can be found at https://uploadcare.com/documentation/rest/

Full article: http://rubygems.org/gems/uploadcare-ruby


uploadcare-rails (1.0.4): Rails wrapper for Upl...

rubygems.org 29 Apr '14, 10am

Rails wrapper for Uploadcare service. Based on uploadcare-ruby gem (https://github.com/uploadcare/uploadcare-ruby)

Just used the vcloud-edge_gateway ruby gem to c...

rubygems.org 30 Apr '14, 2pm

Tool to configure a VMware vCloud Edge Gateway. Uses vcloud-core.

@chrismessina I made the Ruby version:

rubygems.org 02 May '14, 7pm

Ruby wrapper for the Sunlight Congress API, a live JSON API for the people and work of Congress, provided by the Sunlight ...

Ruby: Ruby 2.0.0-p481 リリース

ruby-lang.org 09 May '14, 3am

Ruby 2.0.0-p481 がリリースされました。 今回のリリースには、多数のバグ修正が含まれています。例としては、 Readline-6.3 サポート 古い OpenSSL での問題の修正 (p451 でのデグレーション) 同梱されている...

Ruby 2.0.0-p481 is released

ruby-lang.org 09 May '14, 3am

We are pleased to announce the release of Ruby 2.0.0-p481. This release includes many bugfixes, such as: support for build...

Prueba Ruby. Genial

tryruby.org 09 May '14, 10am

JavaScript Not Detected TryRuby requires JavaScript to be enabled (it's an editor thing).

@prismatic_haiku is the usual answer

railstutorial.org 29 Apr '14, 3pm

The Ruby on Rails Tutorial book and screencast series teach you how to develop and deploy real, industrial-strength web ap...

Writing An Interpreter In 15 Minutes With Ruby:

rubyinside.com 30 Apr '14, 3am

Writing An Interpreter In 15 Minutes With Ruby By Peter Cooper / June 2, 2009 At the last regular London Ruby User Group m...

Add to a Mailchimp list using Gibbon in Ruby

rubyflow.com 29 Apr '14, 2pm

Add to a Mailchimp list using Gibbon in Ruby Posted by timmillwood on April 29, 2014 — 0 comments I love Mailchimp and has...

Ruby on Rails 4.0 Release Notes — Ruby on Rails...

guides.rubyonrails.org 29 Apr '14, 7pm

If you're upgrading an existing application, it's a great idea to have good test coverage before going in. You should also...

Learn Ruby with

rubylearning.com 01 May '14, 8am

, a participant who just graduated, has to say – “You kindly offered me the opportunity to join your Ruby course. I’m new ...