01 May '14, 6pm

TIL: #Sass has a "printf" to help debug mixins called @debug

Whether an error in the Sass code should cause Sass to provide a detailed description within the generated CSS file. If set to true, the error will be displayed along with a line number and source snippet both as a comment in the CSS file and at the top of the page (in supported browsers). Otherwise, an exception will be raised in the Ruby code. Defaults to false in production mode, true otherwise. Only has meaning within Rack, Ruby on Rails, or Merb.

Full article: http://sass-lang.com/documentation/file.SASS_REFERENCE.ht...


Sass's @content Directive Use Cases

robots.thoughtbot.com 22 Apr '14, 1am

Sass 3.2 added the @content directive , which allows us to pass a content block into a mixin. @mixin apply-to-ie6-only { *...