08 Feb '12, 3am

@ianlesperance after reading your standup post want to share what I use for enums: https://t.co/eLPVF7Yc

Standup 02/07/2012: What's the Sound of All Hands Clapping? edit Posted by Ian Lesperance on Tuesday February 07, 2012 at 06:13PM Ask for Help "Are there any good enum gems that work with Rails 3.2?" Try simple_enum . But watch out: by default it will take your array of string values and store the numeric indices in the database. To avoid having to migrate your existing data, you can pass it a hash: as_enum :status, :pending => "pending", :active => "active" Interesting Things "And... clap." A fun thing to try at standup: get everyone to clap once simultaneously without counting down. Categories: agile standup Meta: permalink

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