28 May '14, 10pm

when are you guys supporting an "official" MongoDB plugin? <Is this what you’re looking for?

Monitor on-premise MongoDB installations. Includes all the magic of the MongoHQ monitoring that can be managed yourself. Get started in a few minutes! Requirements: To use this plugin you must have: an admin username / password Support This plugin is a community project supported by MongoHQ. If you are a MongoHQ customer, please see the MongoHQ plugin for the New Relic Platform. Plugin support or troubleshooting assistance is provided by MongoHQ. About MongoHQ MongoHQ is a cloud-based hosted database solution for MongoDB that allows you to easily and quickly create and interact with MongoDB instances. The MongoDB plugin extends the power of New Relic's monitoring capabilities. Get This Plugin Already have a New Relic account? Log in and begin using this plugin. If you don't have a New Relic account, follow these three simple steps:

Full article: http://newrelic.com/plugins/mongohq/102


Just noticed that my last project in #ruby went...

rubygems.org 27 May '14, 5am

Exodus is a migration framework for MongoDb

New Relic Browser Suivi de performances de char...

newrelic.com 28 May '14, 12pm

New Relic Browser provides valuable insight into the actual experience your real-users are having on your site. Get deep v...

Babies Come When They’re Ready

carrotsncake.com 28 May '14, 12pm

I tried everything…sex, acupuncture, walking, exercise, bouncing on a fitness ball, spicy foods, pineapple, nipple stimula...