29 May '14, 8pm

foundation-rails ( ZURB Foundation on Sass/Compass

foundation-rails ZURB Foundation on Sass/Compass install gem install foundation-rails Download Documentation Badge Subscribe RSS Authors ZURB 107,361 total downloads 258 for this version Owners Licenses MIT Links Homepage Gemfile gem 'foundation-rails', '~>' Versions May 29, 2014 (124 KB) April 4, 2014 (122 KB) March 13, 2014 (121 KB) March 6, 2014 (121 KB) February 7, 2014 (113 KB) Show all versions (14 total) Runtime Dependencies railties >= 3.1.0 sass >= 3.2.0 Ruby Dependency >= 0 Development Dependencies bundler ~> 1.3 rake >= 0

Full article: http://rubygems.org/gems/foundation-rails


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