11 Feb '12, 6pm

Great series on string encoding in ruby by the chief #RubyRogue himself @JEG2. Oldie but goodie! /c @tmornini

The downside is that the new code comes with a good size learning curve. I would know because I recently battled through figuring it out so I could add support to the standard CSV library for nearly all of the encodings. It was a battle too. It's brave new territory and there's not a lot of help out there yet for understanding Ruby's new features.

Full article: http://blog.grayproductions.net/articles/understanding_m17n


Shades of Gray: Setting up the Redis Server:

blog.grayproductions.net 12 Feb '12, 1am

Another limit you may want to consider setting is the maximum memory limit. If you plan to use Redis as a memcached replac...

2012 Toyota Prius C [w/video]

2012 Toyota Prius C [w/video]

green.autoblog.com 11 Feb '12, 12am

Toyota is confident that it's cracked the hybrid sales code: Offer more models. During the recent launch event for the Pri...

Some interesting work on benchmarking #Ruby

on-ruby.blogspot.com 07 Feb '12, 10pm

Work on my book hasn't been going as well as I'd wanted (it's amazing how procrastination and laziness can throw you off a...

The Prius C: Not a swan, but a damn fine duck

The Prius C: Not a swan, but a damn fine duck

grist.org 08 Feb '12, 2pm

Cross-posted from The Phoenix Sun . It’s getting toward sunset and I’m lost, sitting behind the wheel of a cherry-red Priu...

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