12 Feb '12, 1am

kestrel plugin for #fluentd by @tjun fluent-plugin-kestrel: fluentd output plugin for kestrel queue.

fluent-plugin-kestrel 0.1.0 fluentd output plugin for kestrel queue. install gem install fluent-plugin-kestrel Download Documentation Subscribe Stats Authors Junichiro Takagi 14 total downloads 14 for this version Owners Links Homepage Bundler gem "fluent-plugin-kestrel", "~> 0.1.0" Versions 0.1.0 February 11, 2012 Runtime Dependencies fluentd >= 0.10.10 kestrel-client >= 0.7.1 Development Dependencies bundler ~> 1.0.0 jeweler ~> 1.8.3 rdoc ~> 3.12 shoulda >= 0 simplecov >= 0.3.5 simplecov-rcov >= 0

Full article: http://rubygems.org/gems/fluent-plugin-kestrel


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