15 Feb '12, 12am

Don't like Rails? Y u no try or https://t.co/DhsuqGDl and stop cry! #mimimi

Ramaze Home Documentation Community GitHub Blog Ramaze is a very simple and straight-forward web-framework. The philosophy of it could be expressed in a mix of KISS and POLS, trying to make simple things simple and complex things possible and fun. Installing and running Ramaze is as simple as the following commands: $ gem install ramaze $ ramaze create blog $ cd blog $ ramaze start ORMs Ramaze works with any ORM and database toolkit. Sequel, Datamapper or M4DBI; the choice is all yours. If there is a database toolkit that somehow doesn't work feel free to report an issue and it will be fixed. Template Engines There are a lot of template engines available for Ruby. Tenjin, Liquid, ERB and so on. Just like ORMs Ramaze has support for a wide range of template engines and if your engine isn't supported it's very easy to create an adapter for it. Rubies Ramaze can run on MRI, 1...

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I just published "prompt", a mini framework for...

rubygems.org 17 Feb '12, 12am

Prompt makes it easy to build slick command-line applications with Tab Completion, Command History, and Built-in Help