16 Jun '14, 7pm

Today we’re starting into Mastermind, a project practicing fundamental Ruby, Enumerable, TDD, and building a REPL:

In this project you’ll use Ruby to build an implementation of the classic game Mastermind. Introduction Learning Goals / Areas of Focus Proficiently use TDD to drive development Practice breaking a program into logical components Learn to implement a REPL interface Apply previously learned Enumerable techniques in a real context Base Expectations You are to build a playable game of Mastermind that runs in a REPL interface. Starting a Game The player starts the game by running ruby mastermind.rb Then they see: close minimize deactivate IRB Welcome to MASTERMIND Would you like to (p)lay, read the (i)nstructions, or (q)uit? > If they enter p or play then they enter the game flow described below. If they enter i or instructions they should be presented with a short explanation of how the game is played. If they enter q or quit then the game should exit Game Flow Once the user ...

Full article: http://tutorials.jumpstartlab.com/projects/mastermind.html