20 Feb '12, 4pm

rubyflowed > mocktra = webmock + sinatra

Posted by jugyo on February 20, 2012 — 0 comments mocktra is a webmock DSL using sinatra. You can define web stub using sinatra. webmock is awesome!

Full article: http://www.rubyflow.com/items/7242-mocktra-webmock-+-sinatra


Sinatra: README (Russian):

sinatrarb.com 20 Feb '12, 2pm

# приложение запущено на http://example.com/example get '/foo' do t = %w[text/css text/html application/javascript] reques...

Sinatra: README (Chinese):

sinatrarb.com 19 Feb '12, 8am

# 在 http://example.com/example 上运行的应用 get '/foo' do request.body # 被客户端设定的请求体(见下) request.scheme # "http" request.script_n...

Sinatra in The Wild:

sinatrarb.com 17 Feb '12, 7pm

Sinatra::SimpleNavigation Easy creation of navigations (with multiple levels) with sinatra and the simple-navigation gem s...