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Check it out - straight from the #BETAwards ‘14 App:

Check it out - straight from the #BETAwards ‘14 App:

—born Ruby Ann Wallace—lived a life that will not only be remembered for its artistic significance, but also for its nation-changing impact. In the realm of film, the iconic actress worked with the likes of Spike Lee , Sidney Poiter , and husband Ossie Davis , to name a few. Her skill was unmatched to the degree of her being awarded a slew of prestigious honors including an Emmy, Grammy and a Screen Actors Guild Award. Sadly, Ruby Dee passed away on the night of June 11, 2014, but her legacy lives on. Here, we take a look back at her incredible career.

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#Roundup: Mother's Perspective on Special Needs Training, Indie Film on Leaving Students on Buses #axlhazarika

#Roundup: Mother's Perspective on Special Needs...

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The bill has passed in the House and was recently approved by the Senate Education Committee. Prime sponsor Rep. Dick Stev...