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$ spring rspec spec/ Version: 1.1.3 Usage: spring COMMAND [ARGS] Commands for spring itself: binstub Generate spring based binstubs. Use --all to generate a binstub for all known commands. help Print available commands. status Show current status. stop Stop all spring processes for this project. Commands for your application: rails Run a rails command. The following sub commands will use spring: console, runner, generate, destroy. rake Runs the rake command rspec Runs the rspec command

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require 'rails_helper' RSpec.describe FilesController, :type => :controller do describe "GET 'read'" do it "returns http s...

[Rails]既存DBを操作するAPIを作成する | Developers.IO

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$ rails console Loading development environment (Rails 4.1.2) irb(main):001:0> WpUser.all WpUser Load (0.2ms) SELECT `wp_u...

[Ruby on Rails]paperclipでつくるS3への画像保存アプリ|クラスメソッドブログ

[Ruby on Rails]paperclipでつくるS3への画像保存アプリ|クラスメソッドブログ

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class Article { :thumb => "100x100", :medium => "200x200", :large => "600x400" }, :storage => :s3, :s3_permissions => :pri...