24 Feb '12, 9pm

Tuning Apache and Passenger

Ever wonder how to measure and tune your application's performance? In Performance Tuning Apache and Passenger , I show how we used httperf, htop, iftop, and a handful of other tools to measure, tune, and identify performance hotspots in your application. While this deals a lot with Rails, Apache, and Passenger, what I cover about the use of the tools apply to any http server-side process.

Full article: http://www.rubyflow.com/items/7264-tuning-apache-and-pass...


@bvelvetespresso not according to this

@bvelvetespresso not according to this

nswtaxi.org.au 02 Mar '12, 3am

The short answer is no. If a person is injured whilst the taxi is not moving (and no other vehicle is involved) then the C...