26 Feb '12, 3am


Providing a fresh selection of: Download Editor Support Development “All of Hashrocket’s new projects are done in Haml, and we’ve now decided to transition everything else in our portfolio over to Haml as soon as possible. The indentation-based approach works wonders for generating clean, semantic markup and the way that you can see the structure of your markup in a way that easily maps to CSS rules is simply brilliant.” - ‘Are you using Haml?’ - Obie Fernandez “It’s so easy! Anyone can do it. Haml is sweeping the rails world like a wildfire of chicken, and everyone wants the biggest piece. I decided to try it last night on my new wallpaper site, and found that it’s extremely awesome to work with.” - ‘Cheating on ERB with Haml’ - Erik Gregg, Schadenfreude “Any sufficiently complicated rhtml partial contains an ad hoc, informally-specified, bug-ridden, implementation of hal...

Full article: http://haml-lang.com/


Haml and Rails

rubyflow.com 09 Mar '12, 1am

with some helpful suggestions from Brook Riggio's blog post on Haml by Default in a New Rails 3.2 App . The RailsApps appl...