06 Jul '14, 7pm

#RubyOnRails Module to optimally obtain Tweets. by aiglobalnyfl: Bidder is to write and test a Module (he... #Job

Bidder is to write and test a Module (hereinafter referred to as MODULE), whose purpose is to optimally obtain Tweets that satisfy Keywords. MODULE INPUT: 1) Dynamically-provided option tells Module the Tweet-fetching method – whether Standard Search or Streaming. 2) Input File Path: To a File that contains records, where each record is a Keyword. 3) Output File Path: To a File into which MODULE writes its results. MODULE OUTPUT: 1) Returned data fields of satisfying Tweets. 2) MODULE won't process the Tweet in any manner, except to record it in Output File. 3) This is just heads-down keyword-satisfaction. All other processing of the discovered Tweets will be done in subsequent processes by us. Bidder should have deep experience with Twitter Search & Streaming API, along with strong command of English. Bidder will provide all documentation.

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