02 Mar '12, 6pm

Nginx and Tomcat - interesting thread @gentics

Sometime ago, I posted an message about Nginx performance when paired with Tomcat. We recently did extensive in-house testing of various workload against Nginx with Tomcat vs Apache vs Tomcat. Apache wins hands down. Here's the basic setup 1. Nginx (2 proc/8192 connections) -> http/1.0 -> Tomcat (HTTP connector) 2. Apache (512 prefork) -> AJP -> Tomcat (AJP) Both KeepAlive off (we don't use KeepAlive due to L4 switch) The physical server is 2 core Intel Xeon, which is typical web server config here. We have three grinder 3.2 load generators. We tested 4K and 20K Tomcat simple HTML file, 20K simple HTML with intentional 10% 200ms sleep in Tomcat serving (emulate slow DB query), etc. Every single case, Apache wins by at least 10-15%. Throughput and response time. Nginx uses a bit less CPU cycles (10-20%), but it is not able drive Tomcat to 100% CPU. Here's my take on this pe...

Full article: http://www.ruby-forum.com/topic/194600


Nginx Config Like Whoa — err.the_blog:

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I’ve been using Nginx (engine-x) for some time now and really digg it. So much simpler and nicer than Apache. Ezra apparen...