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Redmineを改名したい議論は5年前からやっているのか。"I love redmine. I hate Redmine." Rename "REDMINE" - Redmine

Markus, Eric and Damien, I am glad that you only saw the name from one particular perspective. Perhaps with the right branding we can communicate that vision clearly to the world of people using Redmine who happen not to be RoR coders. Damien your "marketing people" comment makes it quite clear that you only envision this project as being for RoR coders by RoR coders, which may be fine but perhaps too limited if we are using Eric's target audience. As I asked above, what is your vision for redmine? It is one thing to say, I think it is fine and I am going to sit here and do nothing. Or perhaps you could speak up and join the effort to shape the future of open source project? Some open source projects are built for small communities, others - take wordpress for example - were built for a small community at first and then open their doors strategically (employing the power o...

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Redmine Hook List / #RxTstudy

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and up the rake task has been deprecated.


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Added by Toshi MARUYAMA about 7 hours ago .travis.yml: run same commands with Redmine official CI server Files added modif...

Redmine 2.5.2向けのチケットがすべてclosedに。今日明日あたりリリースかも。

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100% 25 issues (25 closed — 0 open) Issues by Tracker Status Priority Author Assignee Category Defect 17/17 Feature 2/2 Pa...

Redmine plugin:WorkTime0.2.15をリリースしました。グループへのアサ...

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redmine_work_time-0.2.x(Redmine-2.x) Download redmine_work_time-*.zip from https://bitbucket.org/kusu/redmine_work_time/do...

Redmine 2.5.2 and 2.4.6 released

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Redmine 2.5.2 and 2.4.6 released Added by Jean-Philippe Lang about 2 hours ago Redmine 2.5.2 and 2.4.6 are maintenance rel...