05 Mar '12, 3pm

Xml-motor v0.1.1 ~ cleaned up pre_processed_content usage via XMLMotor:

A new short XML Parsing Algorithm implemented directly in >500 lines. An easy-to-use XML Parser without any Native Dependencies. [How To Use]: https://github.com/abhishekkr/rubygem_xml_motor/raw/master/README Loading: + $ gem install xml-motor + 'require' the 'xml-motor' Usage: [[ To Search Just One QUERY ]] nodes_array = XMLMotor.get_node_from_file "_XML_FILE_" nodes_array = XMLMotor.get_node_from_file "_XML_FILE_", "ATTRIB_KEY=ATTRIB_VALUE" nodes_array = XMLMotor.get_node_from_content "_XML_DATA_" nodes_array = XMLMotor.get_node_from_content "_XML_DATA_", "ATTRIB_KEY=ATTRIB_VALUE" [[ To Search More Than One QUERIES ]] str = {XML_DATA} nodes_ = XMLMotor.splitter str tags_ = XMLMotor.indexify nodes_ nodes_array = XMLMotor.xmldata nodes_, tags_, "_TAG_" nodes_array = XMLMotor.xmldata nodes_, tags_, "_TAG_", "ATTRIB_KEY=ATTRIB_VALUE" Example Calls As Code: + XMLMotor.get_nod...

Full article: http://rubygems.org/gems/xml-motor/versions/0.1.1/


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