29 Jul '14, 9am

Siyelo is starting an internship program for aspiring Ruby developers in Macedonia. Read more here:

Q Is this a paid role? A No but you’ll get to work with a fantastic team, be trained on leading technologies, and get exposed to what it takes to succeed in this industry. From our perspective we’re happily taking time out of our schedule to invest into your growth, and the growth of our community. Q Does this guarantee employment with Siyelo? A No. But it is an opportunity for you to show us what you’re made of. If you prove yourself in an internship, we’ll likely consider you for an Apprenticeship. Q What is the difference between an Internship and an Apprenticeship with Siyelo? A An Internship typically is for those who: want to explore new options for their career, want to get exposed to new ideas and technologies may still be studying and are likely to continue studying or working elsewhere afterwards are happy to learn and work mostly independently or with other inte...

Full article: http://www.siyelo.com/internships/full-stack