28 Mar '12, 5pm

Railscasts - Pagination with AJAX:

Learn an easy, unobtrusive way to add AJAX functionality to an existing set of pagination links using jQuery.

Full article: http://railscasts.com/episodes/174-pagination-with-ajax


Railscasts - AJAX History and Bookmarks:

railscasts.com 28 Mar '12, 5pm

Browser page history and bookmarks do not usually work with AJAX requests, but in this episode I show you how to remedy th...

Am I missing something or is this page laughabl...

guides.rubyonrails.org 01 Apr '12, 2am

The very first parameter, a string, is the text of the link which appears on the page. The second parameter, the options h...

Railscasts - jQuery:

railscasts.com 31 Mar '12, 2pm

How do you use jQuery with Rails? In this episode I redo episode #43 using jQuery instead of Prototype/RJS.

Railscasts - Liquid:

railscasts.com 27 Mar '12, 1pm

Jul 14, 2008 | 16 minutes | Plugins , Views Liquid is a safe way to provide a powerful template language to the site's use...