01 Apr '12, 9pm

return_bang 1.1

drbrain | Sun, 01 Apr 2012 20:10:28 GMT Posted in Software home github.com/drbrain/return_bang rdoc docs.seattlerb.org/return_bang bugs github.com/drbrain/return_bang/issues return_bang implements non-local exits for methods. As a bonus, you also get exception handling that ignores standard Ruby’s inflexible begin; rescue; ensure; end syntax. Use return_bang to exit back to a processing loop from deeply nested code, or just to confound your enemies and your friends! What could possibly go wrong? 1.1 / 2012-04-01 Minor enhancements Added raise! to raise exceptions Added rescue! to rescue exceptions raised Added ensure! to always execute a block of code to perform cleanup

Full article: http://blog.segment7.net/2012/04/01/return_bang-1-1


@Vamoosa but CMC sounds fun! :D can do overseas...

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