06 Apr '12, 6pm

ASCIIcast 336 - Copycopter

ASCIIcast 336 - Copycopter

A client may want text changes made to this heading or to the description below it and this text isn’t that easy to change. It’s hard-coded into the view template and anyone who wants to change it will need to have access to the source code so that they can edit the template and then redeploy the application, just to change some text. It would be much easier if there was a simple admin interface where the client could go in and edit text like this and Copycopter does just this, providing an interface where clients can edit a Rails application’s text. Copycopter also comes with a Ruby gem which makes it easy to integrate into an application. This used to be a paid service but Thoughtbot have recently open-sourced it and made it free to use and in this episode we’ll use it to make our headline and description editable.

Full article: http://railscasts.com/episodes/336-copycopter?language=en...



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terminal heroku login git clone git://github.com/copycopter/copycopter-server.git cd copycopter-server heroku create --sta...