07 Apr '12, 12am

dynamoid | | your community gem host

Dynamoid is an ORM for Amazon's DynamoDB that supports offline development, associations, querying, and everything else you'd expect from an ActiveRecord-style replacement.

Full article: http://rubygems.org/gems/dynamoid


cutest | | your community gem host

rubygems.org 31 Mar '12, 4pm

cutest 1.1.3 Run tests in separate processes to avoid shared state. install gem install cutest Download Documentation Subs...

Start writing Ruby apps with #OrientDB: #nosql ...

rubygems.org 06 Apr '12, 2pm

This gem uses the OrientDB Network Binary Protocol to provide connectivity to an OrientDB Server

rss-opds (0.0.1): OPDS parser and maker

rubygems.org 06 Apr '12, 5pm

rss-opds 0.0.1 OPDS parser and maker install gem install rss-opds Download Documentation Subscribe Stats Authors KITAITI M...

@steveklabnik doesn’t implement it?

rubygems.org 05 Apr '12, 8pm

curator 0.5.0 Model and repository framework install gem install curator Download Documentation Subscribe Stats Authors Br...

torquebox-core (2.0.0): TorqueBox Core Gem

rubygems.org 02 Apr '12, 1pm

torquebox-core 2.0.0-java TorqueBox Core Gem install gem install torquebox-core Download Documentation Subscribe Stats Aut...

Spirit of the Community

Spirit of the Community

deluxeduck.livejournal.com 14 Apr '12, 10am

Though i do not speak with words

#MintChip hosted API wrapper for ruby:

rubygems.org 04 Apr '12, 4pm

mintchip 0.0.1 Pre-Alpha: API for RCM MintChip install gem install mintchip Download Documentation Subscribe Stats Authors...

恐ろしいものを見つけた / “pikachu | | your community gem h...

rubygems.org 19 Apr '12, 11am

pikachu 0.0.1 This rubygem does not have a description or summary. install gem install pikachu Download Documentation Subs...