11 Apr '12, 1am

Contributing to Rubinius - Rubinius

Implementing Ruby is a lot of hard work. The Rubinius project has been lucky to have more than 240 contributors , many with hundreds of commits, including code, benchmarks, documentation, translations, and more. Lately, we have seen a surge of new folks working hard on 1.9 language features. While we concentrate on making Rubinius easy to contribute to, this post should clarify some things and pave an easier road to your first Rubinius commit.

Full article: http://rubini.us/2011/10/18/contributing-to-rubinius/


Has anybody worked with Ruby bytecode virtual m...

rubini.us 21 Apr '12, 10am

Rubinius is an implementation of the Ruby programming language. The Rubinius bytecode virtual machine is written in C++, i...