15 Apr '12, 6pm

ASCIIcast 338 - Globalize3

Internationalization in Rails applications is usually done with YAML files. Under the /config/locales directory are one or more files that contain the translated texts for each language that the application supports. This approach was covered in detail in episode 138 and while it works well for static text it won’t help us display text from the database in different languages. To do this we need to store each translation in a database table and the Globalize3 gem makes doing this much easier. Globalize3 creates a separate table to store translations for each model that we use it with and it will switch to the proper translation depending on the user’s selected locale. To use this gem in our application we’ll need to add it to the gemfile and then run

Full article: http://railscasts.com/episodes/338-globalize3?language=en...


Episode 338: Globalize3

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Rails has great internationalization (I18n) support making it easy to translate static text into other languages, but how ...

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