22 Apr '12, 7pm

Guides Standalone Usage in Sinatra - Padrino Ruby Web Framework:

In these instances, the ideal situation would be to cherry-pick individual enhancements and use them in your existing Sinatra application. Fortunately, Padrino is committed to allowing you to do exactly that! Each major component within Padrino can be used in isolation and applied to an existing Sinatra application. This guide will walk you through that process for each component. You can also find some examples

Full article: http://www.padrinorb.com/guides/standalone-usage-in-sinatra


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# アプリケーションが http://example.com/example で動作している場合 get '/foo' do request.body # クライアントによって送信されたリクエストボディ(下記参照) request.scheme...

“Sinatra: README”

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# app running on http://example.com/example get '/foo' do t = %w[text/css text/html application/javascript] request.accept...


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Certain members of the Ruby community feel very strongly that you should never use a package manager to install Ruby, and ...