26 Apr '12, 3pm

Deadweight looks perfect for this: Github: https://t.co/4eDM1onp Railscasts: ASCIIcasts:

begin require 'deadweight' rescue LoadError end desc "run Deadweight CSS check (requires script/server)" task :deadweight do dw = Deadweight.new dw.stylesheets = ["/stylesheets/application.css"] dw.pages = ["/", "/feeds", "/about", "/episodes/archive", "/comments", "/episodes/1-caching-with-instance-variables"] dw.ignore_selectors = /flash_notice|flash_error|errorExplanation|fieldWithErrors/ puts dw.run end

Full article: http://railscasts.com/episodes/180-finding-unused-css


ASCIIcasts - “Episode 176 - Searchlogic”:

ASCIIcasts - “Episode 176 - Searchlogic”:

asciicasts.com 27 Apr '12, 10am

. This works by creating a number of named scopes that can be called on any ActiveRecord model to search against that mode...

Finding the Perfect Pair of Shoes

Finding the Perfect Pair of Shoes

shoeaholicsanonymous.com 24 Apr '12, 3pm

Celebrities do not always have to pay for the clothing they wear. An expensive pair of shoes may only be worn a handful of...

ASCIIcasts - “Episode 219 - Active Model”:

asciicasts.com 26 Apr '12, 12pm

Episode 193 [watch , read ] was all about tableless models. In that episode we created a model that used some of ActiveRec...

We're trying to improve our Github issue respon...

robots.thoughtbot.com 27 Apr '12, 5pm

April 27, 2012 Tagged: open source issues Comments (View) Inbox Zero: Github Issues Edition On our many open source projec...