30 Apr '12, 11am

#285 Spork - RailsCasts:

Spork improves the loading time of your test suite by starting up your Rails application once in the background. Use it with Guard for the ultimate combo in fast feedback while doing TDD.

Full article: http://railscasts.com/episodes/285-spork?autoplay=true


#238 Mongoid - RailsCasts:

#238 Mongoid - RailsCasts:

railscasts.com 30 Apr '12, 3pm

We can’t have a blog without comments, so we’ll create a Comment model along association so that each article can have man...

Railscasts - Named Routes:

railscasts.com 30 Apr '12, 3am

When you add a custom route, make it a named route so you have url helper methods to easily link to that new route. See ep...