03 May '12, 12am

何このgem? sowawa (0.0.0): Sowaa gem

sowawa 0.0.0 This gem has been yanked, but it is still available for download for other gems that may have depended on it. For more information or if you need to remove it permanently, please click here . Download Documentation

Full article: http://rubygems.org/gems/sowawa


ruby-gmail | | your community gem host

rubygems.org 08 May '12, 3am

A Rubyesque interface to Gmail, with all the tools you'll need. Search, read and send multipart emails; archive, mark as r...

omniauth-scaffold (0.1.9): Scaffold for OmniAuth.

rubygems.org 07 May '12, 12am

omniauth-scaffold 0.1.8 Scaffold for OmniAuth. install gem install omniauth-scaffold Download Subscribe Stats Authors Shun...

ruby-freshbooks | | your community gem host #er...

rubygems.org 05 May '12, 5am

ruby-freshbooks 0.4.1 simple FreshBooks API wrapper. supports both OAuth and API token authentication install gem install ...