06 May '12, 11pm

06may2012: Common Lisp: The Untold Story, by Kent M. Pitman. Anything Goes, by P. J. O’Rourke. “For three decad...

Common Lisp: The Untold Story , by Kent M. Pitman. Anything Goes , by P. J. O’Rourke. “For three decades the author searched fruitlessly for the perfect city. And then he found it.” 9. We want to ridicule the idiots who spread the discourse of war: the fanatics of competition, the fanatics of the bearded gods who incite massacres, the fanatics terrorised by the disarming femininity blossoming in all of us. — Franco Berardi, The Post-Futurist Manifesto* OpenBSD 5.1 Released portable cwm 5.1 released , I finally made a tar.gz. :) HyperRogue in a strange, non-Euclidean world. Lytro Light Field Camera , review at dpreview.com. Mineception , Minecraft in Minecraft.

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Situated next to the Central Business District, Suntec Singapore is at the heart of a self-contained, totally integrated e...