31 Dec '14, 4pm

Check out Jackie's great post on our weekly Design Critique at @PivotalLabs

Check out Jackie's great post on our weekly Design Critique at @PivotalLabs

You heard about it…you’ve seen designers huddled in a room, pointing at things and placing dots on print-outs. But what are they doing in there? And why are they doing it? WHAT IS DESIGN CRITIQUE? It’s time set aside weekly for designers to present their client work and collect feedback. Designers pair less often than developers do, so it’s important to have designated collaboration time and input from the whole team. In our design school days, we used to get constant feedback from teachers and students. This scheduled crit time was an integral part of learning and honing our craft, so we decided to incorporate it into the design practice here at Pivotal Labs. HOW DOES IT WORK? We meet every Wednesday after lunch for one hour, broken down into two 30 minute slots. This is enough time for two designers to present their work. I informally reach out to the team via email at t...

Full article: http://pivotallabs.com/design-critique-pivotal-labs/


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