31 Dec '14, 5pm


We ran into this problem just today after some status were added to our newly converted system in order to support some other projects with mutually exclusive sets of statuses related workflows. Somewhere in the process a status called New was entered and marked as default which caused all defects to to get entered with this status by default instead of the desired Unconfirmed status. To remedy this, the New status was make as longer the default status but without assigning another default status which then prevented us from entered any bugs due to an error when clicking on the New Issue menu item. In the end I employed a hack which was to set New status to the default status but set up workflow permissions for our defect tracker so that Subject is readonly for the New status which prevents any newly created issues from being entered with a New status. I'm assuming a commo...

Full article: http://www.redmine.org/issues/5991