13 May '12, 7am

sproutcore | | your community gem host: installgem install sproutcore.

SproutCore is a platform for building native look-and-feel applications on the web. This Ruby library includes a copy of the SproutCore JavaScript framework as well as a Ruby-based build system called Abbot.

Full article: http://rubygems.org/gems/sproutcore/versions/


すみません、気がつくのが遅くなり間下このみ。 / “pebbles-dajare | | yo...

rubygems.org 13 May '12, 1am

pebbles-dajare 0.1.0 a gem to generate dajare install gem install pebbles-dajare Download Documentation Subscribe Stats Au...

nokogiri | | your community gem host:

rubygems.org 14 May '12, 8pm

Nokogiri (鋸) is an HTML, XML, SAX, and Reader parser. Among Nokogiri's many features is the ability to search documents vi...

dydra (0.0.10): SDK and command-line client.

rubygems.org 15 May '12, 12pm

dydra 0.0.9 Dydra.com SDK and command-line client. install gem install dydra Download Subscribe Stats Authors Datagraph 3,...

gem cleanup clean the old junk from my machine:

docs.rubygems.org 13 May '12, 8am

Usage: gem install GEMNAME [options] Options: -v, --version VERSION Specify version of gem to install -l, --local Restrict...

Just released the range sentence parser gem: #ruby

rubygems.org 12 May '12, 8pm

range_sentence_parser 0.0.2 Parser for range sentences like '1990; 1995-2000; 2005' install gem install range_sentence_par...

O DroneJS agora tem gem! drone-rails

rubygems.org 11 May '12, 3pm

drone-rails 1.1.0 Rails engine with DroneJS, a javascript MVC framework install gem install drone-rails Download Documenta...

shopsense-ruby | | your community gem host:

rubygems.org 22 May '12, 11pm

This Gem provides an easy to use interface for the ShopStyleAPI commonly known as ShopSense. ShopSense-Ruby includes a set...

mongrel | | your community gem host:

rubygems.org 24 May '12, 11pm

A small fast HTTP library and server that runs Rails, Camping, Nitro and Iowa apps.

My gem has 427 downloads?!

rubygems.org 12 May '12, 6am

Allows you to fetch results from OEIS using a list of integers

Released the fork gem: - an OO interface to for...

rubygems.org 12 May '12, 9am

Represents forks (child processes) as objects and makes interaction with forks easy. It provides a simple interface to cre...