13 May '12, 10pm

ASCIIcast 346 - Wizard Forms With Wicked

ASCIIcast 346 - Wizard Forms With Wicked

If want to manage a wizard through a Rails app we should consider using Richard Schneeman’s Wicked gem . This adds behaviour to a Rails controller to to turn it into a multi-step form and we’ll show you how it works in this episode. The first step is to strip our long form down to as few fields as possible - a good rule of thumb is to only require the information necessary for the user to be able to access the record later. In the case of a signup form we can cut the form down to the fields related to authentication, i.e. the username and password fields. Everything else can go into separate steps in out wizard so we’ll reduce our form to just these fields.

Full article: http://railscasts.com/episodes/346-wizard-forms-with-wick...


Episode 346: Wizard Forms with Wicked

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class UserStepsController < ApplicationController include Wicked::Wizard steps :personal, :social def show @user = current...