27 Jan '15, 5pm

Video encoding processor for CarrierWave

Video encoding processor for CarrierWave by Marta Woj — Yesterday As previously promised , here are some more tips how to tackle with video processing. Streamio FFMPEG has a bunch of useful options. You can specify for example frame rate, resolution, bitrate, codecs and many other by simply passing an options hash to transcoding. This time I wanted to change the previous code a little bit, add some options and include latest rails goodies as ActiveJob and Enumerable. Let’s get started!

Full article: http://www.rubyflow.com/p/22b5tf-video-encoding-processor...


Bitcoin Processor GoCoin Adds Fiat Payout Options

coindesk.com 29 Jan '15, 8pm

GoCoin has added three new fiat currencies as payout options for merchants – euros, pound sterling and Singapore dollars. ...