17 May '12, 5pm

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Pat Eyler is looking into designing a certification program, in conjunction with a university course. This really got me thinking. As a general rule, I believe certifications are a joke. Plain and simple. When I was at BYU , and the mandate came from the suits that we had to drop everything and become Java certified, I saw firsthand what a joke it was. The very idea that a test can, in any way, imply competence is laughable. Now, I know and respect Pat. He’s got more planned for this than just a test, and that’s great. I certainly commend the idea of a Ruby course. But I have to plead against the introduction of “certification.” Can certification produce competent programmers? I say “no”. If you are certified and are competent, then you were competent before you were certified. The two have no relation, except insofar as the certification process might ignite the passion o...

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