20 May '12, 7pm

@chiyama 同感ですが、こんなのを見つけました。

Hi all, Sorry to be jump in. please ignore if I'm off the point. the point is that we don't have one to one representative word for "issue" in Japanese, and the word 問題 is too limited. I believe we all agree on this. now let me just start a brainstorm. I'd add a few idea: keep it as it is. make it customizable. use イシュー as it is (the worst idea I've got :-p) change English version to ticket so that we can use チケット. to counterpart the given points are: 1) we write one issue on a ticket, so it should be ok to use a ticket and an issue interchangeably. (we do that while we are talking, don't we?) 2) a) managers nor non-tech workers don't think clicking the tab labeled "問題" when they give an order or an idea to the team. b) ticket seems to be handled as a symbol in non-tech people's mind compare to some workd, which non-tech people already have some image related to. c) as we ...

Full article: http://www.redmine.org/issues/717


Wind Is No Problem for Gergen as He Wins Medal ...

mngolf.org 20 May '12, 2am

Wind Is No Problem for Gergen as He Wins Medal at Albert Lea; Cougars Are Team Champs