27 May '12, 10pm

#337 Capistrano Recipes (pro) - RailsCasts:

#337 Capistrano Recipes Mar 27, 2012 | 13 minutes | Deployment , Production , Tools Get the most out of Capistrano by writing specific recipes with ERB templates. Here I show how to deploy to a blank VPS by running just a few Capistrano commands. Subscribe to Watch Episode Tweet Show Notes ASCIIcast 46 Comments Similar Episodes Next Episode > < Previous Episode Subscribe to RailsCasts Pro to access this episode and other pro and revised episodes. Only $9 per month. Learn more about RailsCasts Pro

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Webistrano for your Capistrano

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In continuation of the capistrano subject, we would like to introduce Webistrano, edited by Peritor. Webistrano is a web i...