03 Jun '12, 3am


These are some photos I took a while ago for MAC 's MacZine that just came out, so here I am now, posting them, online, on the internet, on my weblog!!!!! The theme of the issue was "Wanderlust," so I did a Los Angeles-inspired moodboard and outfit, which is not surprising to readers of this blog. (This is also basically the outfit form of next month's Rookie theme !) Weetzie Bat , postcards from a Peter Max paper airplane book, Joan Didion, Elle Fanning in Rodarte in A Magazine Curated by Rodarte , postcards and photos from an antique store I went to in Pasadena with Autumn and Arrow , a tapestry my mom made a long time ago, daisies from the craft store, and Joni Mitchell's Song to a Seagull , which ends with my favorite Joni song , "Cactus Tree." My top is vintage, my eyelet skirt is from the dress-up box my sisters and I used when we were little, my platforms are by D&G...

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