07 Jun '12, 4am

Jasmine 1.2 released:

Jasmine 1.2 has been available, quietly, for a few weeks now. But consider this the official announcement. This release is relatively minor, but has a lot of things under the hood that will make it easier for us to continue to improve the project. Some highlights: Jasmine Core Fixes & Features New HTML Runner/Reporter (designed by Sean Durham) is now the default An improved toEqual matcher for deep Objects Jasmine Gem Fixes & Features Detection and support for the Rails Asset Pipeline All requests served with no-cache headers, helping out when your browser supports them correctly Development fixes Catch-up on issues with recent Rubygems and Ruby 1.9.3 Fixed bugs when developing for Jasmine on Linux Moved CI to Travis Cleaned up the building/concat of jasmine.js Overall better task code, now tested, for building & testing Jasmine In addition, we've revamped the Jasmine home...

Full article: http://pivotallabs.com/users/dwfrank/blog/articles/2144-j...



23isback.com 12 Jun '12, 8pm

Claws 1.2 Released

rubyflow.com 01 Jun '12, 7am

Posted by wbailey on June 01, 2012 — 0 comments Claws is a command line based AWS (Amazon Web Services) console. Thanks to...

First beta of Capycorder released : RubyFlow

rubyflow.com 07 Jun '12, 3pm

First beta of Capycorder released Posted by polarblau on June 07, 2012 — 1 comment I just launched released the first vers...

brightcove v1.0.12 gem released. RubyGems: GitHub:

rubygems.org 12 Jun '12, 2pm

Ruby gem for interacting with the Brightcove media API. http://docs.brightcove.com/en/media/

Playing With Baby Jasmine

Playing With Baby Jasmine

tekkaus.com 29 May '12, 4pm

Jasmine girl soon realizes that being carried around is much more fun compared to walking on her own. She won't get tired ...