07 Jun '12, 3pm

First beta of Capycorder released : RubyFlow

First beta of Capycorder released Posted by polarblau on June 07, 2012 — 1 comment I just launched released the first version of Capycorder , a small Chrome extension for recording of user interaction and generating Capybara request specs. The source can be found on Github and here's a write–up with a few more details . Comments “ ” I think this is a great tool. There might be knee-jerk reactions that this is not testing first but consider this: I've inherited many code bases where there are no test suites at all. It is very difficult to do any major refactors to them. With a tool like this you can generate some tests that cover many of the common code paths then refactor with confidence.bcardarella - June 07, 2012 15:52 “ ” Post a Comment Comment abilities for non registered users are currently deactivated, pending time to add a proper CAPTCHA to solve the escalating spam...

Full article: http://www.rubyflow.com/items/7802-first-beta-of-capycord...


Jasmine 1.2 released:

pivotallabs.com 07 Jun '12, 4am

Jasmine 1.2 has been available, quietly, for a few weeks now. But consider this the official announcement. This release is...

brightcove v1.0.12 gem released. RubyGems: GitHub:

rubygems.org 12 Jun '12, 2pm

Ruby gem for interacting with the Brightcove media API. http://docs.brightcove.com/en/media/

IProcess v2.1.0 released

rubyflow.com 03 Jun '12, 7am

IProcess v2.1.0 released Posted by robgleeson on June 03, 2012 — 0 comments IProcess v2.1.0 is a collection of Ruby classe...