12 Jun '12, 2pm

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Full article: http://rubyforge.org/frs/?group_id=126


Looking into versioning policies around Ruby gems.

docs.rubygems.org 13 Jun '12, 3am

Because RubyGems provides support for version comparisons, we want to pick a policy that works well with the RubyGems comp...

brightcove v1.0.12 gem released. RubyGems: GitHub:

rubygems.org 12 Jun '12, 2pm

Ruby gem for interacting with the Brightcove media API. http://docs.brightcove.com/en/media/

RubyForge: MiniMagick: Project Info:

rubyforge.org 31 May '12, 4am

A ruby wrapper for ImageMagick command line. MiniMagick gives you access to all the commandline options ImageMagick has (F...

@JarroseLaPlante Social Botanical Project

@JarroseLaPlante Social Botanical Project

arduino.cc 12 Jun '12, 1am

@JarroseLaPlante Social Botanical Project @JarroseLaPlante is an installation created by FĂ©licien Goguey and Thomas Meghe ...

Rails Installer for Windows downloaded over 250...

rubyforge.org 31 May '12, 11pm

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{New Blog Post} Project 365 : The Secret To Good Cooking: The best ingredient to any good dish..

{New Blog Post} Project 365 : The Secret To Goo...

storyofbing.com 12 Jun '12, 9pm

I had lunch in my favourite Italian restaurant in Johannesburg today. The walls of the restaurant are filled with inspirin...

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rubyforge.org 09 Jun '12, 4pm

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